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The Emotion Code

The Emotion Code technique was created and refined by Dr Bradley Nelson who was a chiropractic physician, craniopath, holistic healer and teacher for many years. Dr Nelson realised that his patients' aches and pains were more than just physically based - they were emotional. Dr Nelson coined the phrase 'trapped emotions' - negative energies that become trapped in the body during intense emotional events. Because the body is actually made of pure energy, the negative energy of trapped emotions can exert a damaging force on the body, which worsens over time. Trapped emotions cause pain, self-sabotage, emotional problems and all kinds of malfunction and disease.

The Emotion Code uses specific questioning and muscle testing (kinesiology) to get answers from the subconscious mind about trapped emotions that need to be cleared. As soon as a trapped emotion is identified, it is ready to be released. To do this, the Emotion Code combines two important elements: the modern technology of therapeutic magnets and the ancient principles of Chinese Medicine. A magnet acts as a powerful carrier for the practitioner’s intention to release the emotion. If that magnetically charged intention energy is placed into the body via the governing meridian (major energy channel in the acupuncture system), it is blasted through the body instantly and releases the emotion!

The Emotion Code is non-evasive, totally safe and requires very little time and effort on your part. No dredging up of the past is required, which makes it very cost effective compared to other kinds of therapy. Everything discussed or discovered with your practitioner is always confidential.

Most people have experienced moments of anxiety, grief, anger, frustration and fear. Some of us have also suffered periods of sorrow, depression, low self-esteem, hopelessness and other negative emotions. Even though you may have felt them long ago, they can still be creating problems in damaging ways. Our suffering often is due to negative emotional energy that has become "trapped" within us. A single Trapped Emotion can create physical and emotional problems.

In addition, Trapped Emotions are the driving force behind Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Depression, Anxiety, Phobias and all manners of Mental Illnesses.

Trapped emotions can cause:

• depression and anxiety

• blockages to love and happiness

• pain, malfunction and manifestation of disease

• feelings of disconnection from others

Releasing Trapped Emotions contributes to favorable conditions for the body to heal both physically and emotionally, allowing you to feel more secure and motivated to create the life you want.

Many people have experienced healthy and happier lives after they have freed themselves of their Trapped Emotions.

The Heart Wall

One of the best parts of the Emotion Code is removing the heart wall. It is estimated that approximately 93% of the human population have a literal wall around the heart made of multiple layers of trapped emotional energy. The heart wall is created by the subconscious mind in order to protect the heart from grievous injury, which is good thing when we need it. However, having a heart wall long term is like living in a bomb shelter – it’s nice to have its protection while the bombs are falling, but if you have it forever you’ll end up feeling disconnected and unfulfilled.

When a Heart-Wall is present it can create:

• De​pression and emotional numbness

• Feelings of isolation and disconnection from others

• Relationship problems

• Trouble giving and receiving love

• Success blocks and trouble finding your true calling

• Heart disease and heart attacks

• Blood pressure problems

• Chest pain and upper back pain

• Neck and shoulder pain

• Lowered immunity and difficulty in healing

Once the Heart-Wall is cleared many people have reported profound changes in their lives. The changes are often seen in areas of health, both physical and emotional, plus relationships and careers.

Clearing the heart wall is easy and can be life changing, and enables you to give and receive love freely.

Did you know?

A single Trapped Emotion can create physical and emotional problems.

A single Trapped Emotion can decrease the function of your immune system by

up to 20%

Many people have experienced healthy

and happier lives after they have freed themselves of their Trapped Emotions.

Imagine a world where the trapped emotions, fears, anxieties and unprocessed life experiences we hold in our bodies are the source of everything that ails us.

That's the world we live in.

Now imagine a world where everyone is manifesting from their heart the perfect creation that's inside each of us.

Imagine a world where abundance, inner peace, longevity and loving relationships abound.

Imagine emotion experts from around the world sharing their wisdom and negative emotion clearing techniques to light a new pathway for humanity.

Imagine we are sacred, spiritual beings here for a much larger reason, serving a much higher purpose, a divine purpose.

That's where we're going...

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