Infinite Health & Harmony

Energetic Healing for Health & Wellbeing

Methods of Healing

Infinite Health & Harmony specialises in energetic healing for health and wellbeing, providing the following methods of healing: 

(please visit the individual page for each method for further information)

Sessions are 1:1 and available via phone, Skype, Zoom, email or in person.

Sessions go for approximately 45-60 minutes

Cost per session: $125

How Soon Can I Expect Results?

Restoration and balance happens in layers. You can’t force it, and it’s not possible to provide any guarantees. Some people have what they consider a “miraculous” outcome the first time they have an Emotion Code or Body Code session. Others take several weeks or months before their main concern may be resolved. Sometimes the more serious the problem is, the longer it can take to get results. But that is not always the case! The best thing to do is to allow changes to happen when your mind, body and spirit are ready.