Client Love

It is such an honour to connect with so many beautiful, amazing souls during our sessions together.
Here is 
feedback from some of them:

"Paula, I can’t thank you enough for our amazing session. I’m blown away by how much old ‘stuff’ we were able to clear and the relief and shifts were instant. I noticed a difference in how I felt before we even finished the session and I’ve been enjoying the benefits ever since. You made me feel so safe, supported and understood and I’m so grateful that we’ve connected. I can’t wait for our next session and I’ll be booking regular sessions to keep creating more beautiful change. Thank you so much!"

- Sarah J, Adelaide, SA

"Hi Paula, I hope you’ve been welll! I cannot begin to tell you what has happened to Rhylan [9 years old] in the past 10 days! You have given me my beautiful boy back!! Thank you Paula! You are an amazing and gifted woman! Everything you did for Rhylan has worked and I mean everything!! Family have even noticed the difference in Rhylan! I can’t wait to see you myself! Thank you Paula from the bottom of my heart!❤️ Many thanks and I’ll be in touch really soon! Regards, Christine"

- Christine, Sunshine Coast

“I’ve had regular Skype sessions with Paula for the last 3 years and every single session with her has just been absolutely phenomenal.

As my grandfather was recently really unwell (really strong headaches, body aches, dizziness, no appetite, couldn't walk anymore, getting unconscious) and no doctor was able to figure out what was going on with him, I contacted Paula to see if she could do a distance session on him to help him with getting better. Paula did the session on him straight away after I messaged her as she could probably feel how worried I was (Thank you so much Paula!!! xx). And thank God she did, my grandfather is feeling so much better again. His headaches are completely gone, he goes for walks again and eats at his favourite restaurant and is back to his old self. Thank you so much Paula, you are an angel and I appreciate you so much for everything you’ve done for me over the years and now for my grandfather (and of course for all you’ve done for my friends that I’ve sent to you whenever they are going through something that they need some help with and you just magically heal them). Thank you and I love you x.”

- Vivien Paul, Germany

"Hi Paula, oh we both loved our sessions with you so much - Thank you!! Rick was really blown away by how much came up & was able to be cleared. We’ve both been really good since - my asthma has been great - I’m staying off the preventer now to see how I go.

[update] Hi Paula! I’ve been great thank you AND I have to report back to you that I am still off my asthma preventer & Rick’s been off his blood pressure meds for 6 weeks now & his BP is normal – thank you so much you amazing healer!!"

- Samantha S, Doonan, QLD

"My bad dreams have stopped since our last session. Thank you so much!"

- Jo B, NSW

"Wow! I can’t explain how amazing I feel! My leg (Cellulitis) has cleared up and I think my bad luck has finally cleared up too! I can’t thank you enough, I feel like I have a clean slate!"

- Emily B, QLD

"I feel great, calm and settled, more grounded and like a clearer pathway is opening up. I really appreciate having a session with you. I felt so relaxed and protected with you, making me available to heal so much easier. Thank you for your time. Best wishes, Glynis."

- Glynis B, NT

"Hi Paula, I am doing great thanks! Still no treatment needed for my back since my 2 sessions with you, and it is honestly the best it has been in over 20 years. I'm feeling so good generally and am still pretty amazed at what has happened! :) I hope you're doing well too and look forward to seeing you soon x" 

- Shae B, Sunshine Coast, QLD

I am always amazed when I work with Paula what emotions come to the surface and are released. I love my sessions and always feel lighter afterwards. Paula is compassionate, kind and caring. Paula recently worked on my young granddaughter around a block she had to going to the toilet and within a couple of weeks she was going to the toilet with ease and no longer used nappies. I'm always thankful and grateful to Paula."

- Janene, Buderim, QLD

"Excellent session today, thank you so much. I can't tell you how much things have shifted today. All these beautiful people have walked into my life. I've just been to yoga and met the most amazing man!! He's a king!!  [Update] The man I met at yoga after my session with you - we have been hanging out after work, riding our bikes to the beach, jumping in the ocean and watching sunsets. I love how it's unfolding, without force. Thank you so much!!!"

- Rochelle F, Melbourne, VIC 

"Hi Paula, Thanks so much for the session today. I cannot believe how much better I felt afterwards…I truly felt the heavy and dense emotions disappear and even gained a burst of physical energy. I know I’ll be sleeping soundly tonight and waking up to a great day tomorrow. Hope you have a good remainder of the week and chat soon :)"

- Dot, Sunshine Coast, QLD

"Paula’s warm and compassionate presence has helped me feel at ease during our sessions. I have found our time together so fascinating, inspiring and supportive. Exploring the Emotion Code and heart wall healing with Paula has helped me connect more deeply with myself and understand myself better, and to feel more empowered and equipped to navigate life’s challenges. Something amazing that I have noticed since our last session, is that I haven't been thinking about the past, which is huge for me. There is much less ruminating on memories, and I feel I can be more in the present. Also so much more creativity and compassion has opened up and is flowing through my life."

- Emma H, NSW

"I was grateful to be gifted a session with Paula from a dear friend of mine. After just one session with Paula, I was able to release emotional blocks and felt lighter straight away. This enabled me to navigate a particular, highly stressful situation with ease and calm. The work that she does is powerful; she is the real deal! She is kind, gentle and her skillset is on point. I cannot recommend Paula enough!" 

- JH, Melbourne, VIC

"I see Paula as my healing angel, my sessions with her are always amazing. I have had some health issues which required some medical procedures, the thought of these rippled me with great fear and anxiety. After my session with Paula, I was able to face these fears which gave me the strength to continue with these procedures with very little anxiety. Thank you so much Paula xxx"

- Brigette T, Doonan, Sunshine Coast, QLD

"Hi Paula, thanks for another amazing session ! Just wanted to let you know that pain in my side has mostly gone, just a little twinge amazing. Thanks so much, can’t wait for the next session. Have a wonderful week."

- Robin R, Sunshine Coast, QLD

"Hi Paula, It was so great meeting you, and thank you so much for the incredible session. That one hour has already had such a profound impact on me. The second half of the day after our session I felt like a new person, I was feeling light, present and filled with joy, my fatigue and the chest pain was gone. What's been the most interesting and biggest change has been my interaction with my thoughts - while some of the same negative thoughts have come up, I am more detached from them than ever before. I have read about observing ones thoughts, but never truly experienced it with such awareness and lack of judgment for myself or others. I can now see that those thoughts are habits formed over time, and while still there, they will slowly disappear now that i have been able to avoid feeding them with my emotional attachment.

I'm very grateful to have stumbled across the work of Dr Bradley Nelson, and more importantly your practice in the last week, it was exactly what i needed and provided me with the relief to move forward.

I can sense that there's a few more things to work through (some of which we noted) so will look for another session soon - would you recommend a particular time frame?

Thanks, Dorothy"

- Dorothy M, Sunshine Coast, QLD

"After having 3 sessions with Paula, I really got the opportunity to see more of my patterns, and to really learn a lot about myself inside of that. It has given me a great sense of peace, and self acceptance that was not available to me before. I now know myself! I understand more about what makes me tick, but also, have been released from so much of what was trapped inside, by having the sessions. Paula is very gentle and caring, which created a really safe environment for me to relax and surrender to what wanted to arise and be released. Thank you so much Paula, for being yourself, and showing up for the world in such a beautiful way.

- Cindy F, Sunshine Coast, QLD

"Good morning Paula, Thank you for your compassion and allowing me to receive with such clarity on Wednesday. Your summary from our session has also been very beneficial. I am very grateful!" 

- Helen R, Sunshine Coast, QLD

"Hi Paula, I just wanted to touch base & let you know how things are going with me & thought you may appreciate the feedback. On Thursday night (after my session) I slept through until 5.15 am. Gosh it is so long since I have had a night’s sleep like that & it felt amazing. The next couple of nights have been back to old patterns a bit but I find I can stop the noise chatter & the beating myself up in the middle of the night way easier. Then on Saturday morning, I had a moment of feeling happy, for no particular reason, it was just like, oh my god, I feel happy. Just to remember that feeling was awesome & maybe it can return. These sessions with you have been the most beneficial therapy I have ever undertaken & I am so grateful for having found you. I absolutely know I need more layers addressed yet. I really, really want to stay with you as I trust you now & have built up such a good rapport -- plus I think you are amazing at what you do. So I'll do everything I can to keep showing up. Thank you so much Paula for all you have done for me, I so very deeply appreciate it. Talk soon, Maria"

- Maria, QLD

"Hmmm - Sooooo many things have been cleared its hard to know where to start... Firstly, I appreciate all that you, your guides and the use of the Body Code have done and are still doing for myself, my pets and friends... It is like a pebble in pond affect. I change, my perceptions and vibrations change, and people feel the love. Thank you Paula."

- Carmel Featherstone, Coogee, WA

"Hi Paula, I don't know how or why, but my relationship with my mum has been fully transformed since our session, you are magic. Can I book in again please? Have some new stuff."

- Gaby F, Perth, WA

"Hi Paula, I want to thank you for yesterday... I feel an incredible peace and inner joy, alongside the beautiful release of so much that came up. No negative feelings at all, just bliss!!!! I will definitely book 2 more sessions please."

- Cindy, Cooroy, QLD

"Hello Paula, I have to tell you …. I had a massage this morning and she said that my neck was so much better than it has been ….. not too sure how this happens but you work your magic somehow !! Next session with you I am going to work on worry ….. as I think this might be a big issue with me as that little bit of work we did on worry feels like it shifted something … ! Thanks again and have a super day. Thankyou"

- Sara, Sunshine Coast, QLD

"I have had two Skype sessions with Paula so far and each made the shifts I needed and I noticed immediate results. My first session was to overcome a fear I had for a decade, and since that single session with her that fear was reduced for probably 70%. My second session helped me with my blocked creativity and feeling stuck in my work. Paula helped me get to the bottom of it, and the next day my creative juices started flowing again. I had such a bad pain in my left shoulder a few days before my session and was thinking I would definitely have to go for a massage, and it went away after the session. Moreover, these sessions instil in you a sense of peace, self compassion, and bring clarity.  Thank you Paula, these sessions are so helpful and transformative."

- Petra, QLD

"Buzzing from yesterday's session, I feel amazing! Thankyou" 

- Renae, Sydney, NSW

"I have seen a few kinesiologists in my time, but no one compares to Paula's unique combination. My phone sessions have all been effortless and quick, we manage to get through so much in one hour. Paula has been amazing with treating our son from when he was a new born baby also. If I could share an example, our son had been having some unexplained tummy issues and no bowel movement for some days, Paula tuned in and had found a trapped inherited emotion from one of us, she cleared this and within 15 seconds our little man had a massive bowel movement and had shortly returned to his happy smiley self. This all happened on my husband's lap - he now has sessions with Paula, what more proof do you need of her brilliance.

What I love most about what Paula offers is that ancestral lines are also cleared, so we not only benefit from the sessions but all our entire family past, present and future all do too." 

- Amy Kelly, QLD

"Hi Paula, I’m feeling like a new person. Completely feeling revitalised. Thanks, Ana"
- Ana, Sunshine Coast, QLD 

"Paula you truly have a gift. I was so grateful when you worked on me without me being present due to a migraine. I'd been experiencing headaches each morning for a month and after that session they were gone. That wasn't even one of things I was coming to you for. You are like a spiritual detective, seeking out what needs to be released. I always feel lighter and at peace after a session with you. You are a genuine beautiful soul and I deeply thank you for being you."

- Sue, VIC 

"I’ve worked with healers from all over the world in many different disciplines, and have personally healed myself using the Emotion Codes for over a decade. So I thought a session with Paula, might be just a "nice experience”.

I was amazed at how skilful, intuitive, deep and fast Paula was able to work. She discovered and released trauma that I would never have gotten to solo, and she worked so intuitively to focus on the areas that were most important to me, without me having to voice that.

Paula is one of the best healers I have come across in a very long time. I look forward to many more sessions with Paula in the future."

- Amber R, Sydney, NSW 

"I can't thank you enough for that session - really brought some things to the surface that I had never dealt with - so thank you again."

- Georgie

"Hello Paula, no head neck shoulder tension this morning, slept right through and woke at 4.30 a.m. So fabulous, thank you for the session yesterday. I love what you do. Have a wonderful weekend xx Regards, Marg"

- Marg I, Sunshine Cost, QLD

"Thank you for the last session it was amazing and I have felt so happy since then. We really shifted so much stuff and in that shifting I have found clarity. Not all of it is positive, but that is all part of peeling away the layers. Now that we have cleared so much I feel that we are really getting to the root of the issue. One other thing that I have noticed is that although I have felt loved, I have never felt worthy or deserving of that love. This has changed since our last session, it is a glorious feeling, thank you. Have a great weekend, talk to you next week."

- Babs, Tasmania 

"Hello Paula, Can I please make another appointment for Tom [age 14] and another one for me too please? We have had the most interesting week and I believe that your sessions have had a huge impact. Tom was talking to his dad yesterday and said that he was the happiest he has been in ages and he realises that and appreciates all the work we are doing in relation to his health and emotional wellbeing – Made my day !! xxx Thought you'd like to hear the good news! Hear back from you when you can in relation to session times."

[Update] "Tom is such a different boy – he is just surprising me each and very day – he even came home with an A- yesterday on a school assignment - never before has he received an A !!"

- Sarah, Noosa, QLD

"Hi Paula! Wow what a powerful session today. I feel like myself again which is huge. Thank you so much for your ongoing love and support over the last 3 years. I am so grateful for all the work you do to help me, my friends and family to deal with emotions and trauma. You are a massive part of all of our lives and make an impact bigger than you could ever imagine. Wishing you all the best and thank you again for today. It was seriously monumental! All the love and blessings."

- Lexie M, Brisbane, QLD

"Paula, I can finally feel my heart space again, after so long of being shut down. Bloody miracle worker you are."

- Kate F, Sunshine Coast, QLD

"You are worth your weight in gold, and considering the wonders you do for my mental health, it's the best investment I can ever do."

- Kristen B, NSW

"THANK YOU Paula. I do feel lighter and I have actually laughed today. This stuff really does work."

- Tracey R, Sunshine Coast, QLD

"Another amazing session, thank you, Paula. I felt so much lighter and clearer afterwards. All the repetitive negative thought patterns as well as the physical symptoms in my body, have ceased. The fogginess in my head and the pressure in my chest are gone! I now have much greater clarity, confidence and composure.

I've also passed on your details to 2 colleagues this week as I know they too will benefit from your wonderful insights and intuition.

Thank you again for sharing your gift, you've made a remarkable difference for me and I'm most grateful."

- Bruce Williams, Sunshine Coast, QLD

"Hi Paula, Thank you so much for your distance treatments on both the girls (aged 8 & 11) over these last couple of months. Both my husband and I have seen some big improvements in their moods and overall attitudes to life. They are both getting along better than we have ever seen and are back to sharing the love between each other. It is beautiful to watch.

Many thanks, Alicia"

- Alicia Smith, Noosa, QLD

"Thank you darling, darling woman for holding the space you do, for your deep compassion. From one surrendered heart to another, I honour you."

- Rebecca, Sunshine Coast, QLD

"What was so outstanding to us and what we noticed the most after Leo's (4 years old) session was to see our little boy go from being unsure, nervous and scared to try a bright happy confident little boy! 
It was almost like all that stuff melted away and Leo was himself again. Thank you so much Paula for this incredible work it is truly amazing!"

- Stevee & Nico, Pomona, QLD

“I just want to say a huge thank you for your amazing work. After our sessions together I was so excited to completely remove my heart wall. It amazed me what things came up along the way and what I was holding onto. I felt some huge shifts, and found a lot of clarity. You have such a beautiful presence that I loved being around. I Look forward to doing more sessions in the future."

- Jenna P, Sunshine Coast, QLD

"Thank you Paula. It was a magical simple and powerful. I feel really drawn to releasing my heart wall in the near future. Love to you, Liz."

- Liz P, QLD

"Thanks Paula. Yes, tracking really well now since the work & service you provided. I am now very happy and grateful for my new state of being healthy, happy, at ease with an abundant new life! Light, love & much blessings to you Paula."

- Paul E, Ipswich, QLD

"Hi Paula, My session this morning has made me feel free in all areas of my life. Blessings beautiful Paula for being you and to Dr Bradley Nelson for the Body Code."

- Alaia H, Cairns, QLD

"Wow, last night Tomas (6.5 months old) was much better. He had is 1am feed and I put him back in his cot. When he woke up instead of screaming he smiled at me. I went back to bed and he went to sleep. Yay I got 8 hours sleep finally. Thank you."

- Brenda H, Sydney, NSW

"Hi Paula, just wanted to let you know that I am feeling the best I have felt for a long time. I just feel so great - centred and at peace. Signs everywhere - after our last session I was on my way to see my mum and at one set of lights there were three cars ahead of me - number plates 999, 333 and 222. I almost cried. Quite special! Thanks for the great sessions."


"Paula Mack has literally changed my life.

Through the Body/Emotion Code, Paula Mack helped me completely clear a massive 154 meter wall that I had unconsciously built around my heart.

That was just over a year ago, right after my 43rd birthday.

Looking back, since clearing my heart wall, I've been able to receive love from others and from myself in a way that was previously impossible/inaccessible. Playing the game of life - heart wall free - has made me a better Mom, wife, friend and business owner. It's helped me see myself more clearly so I could choose to step into my light.

A quick note for the skeptics, I too was skeptical about this 'woo-woo shit' before my first call with Paula. But before our session was up, I was hooked. Even though I didn't understand back then what was going on, I felt shifts in my body that were undeniable. And as the months rolled by, without 'doing' sex life exploded to new levels... and still is! WOOT WOOT! Thank you Paula!

I can't promise that what works for me will work for you - that's up to you.

But I can tell you that I am deeply grateful for Paula and her amazing Magic. I still see her when the need arises and recommend heart wall clearing to all of my closest friends."

Benay Dyor

Co-founder, The Coach Guardian - A free online news site that educates and entertains coaches all over the world

"I love and appreciate all that you are and all that you do for me and others. You are truly gifted and talented. You're my light in this darkness and I thank you so very much. xxxxxx"


"Thank you so much. That was very powerful for me. I felt a strange happiness and contentment I haven’t felt before after leaving your place. It was unexpected and amazing! Thank you!!." 

- Marnie, QLD

"Very light and breezy and peaceful, a lot less emotional pain in my head and body, which I didn't even realise was there until now when it's disappearing, feeling much freer like I can get on with life now! Feeling excited too!! I'm pinching myself!! xx Thank you."

- Nat C, Sunshine Coast, QLD

“I would like to express my gratitude to Paula Mack for the professional way in which she conducts her clinic. After reading The Emotion Code book my wife searched for a local practitioner. Needless to say, we were very impressed by the truth and content of the book and were very keen to apply it to ourselves and our family. We have found it to be very beneficial and have been very impressed with Paula’s ability to integrate the Emotion Code and the Body Code to unearth deep seated trapped emotions and other imbalances. On one occasion I asked Paula to look into my blood circulation with regard to a particular health problem I have. She started with her normal systematic approach, then paused to convey to me that my ‘jugular vein’ was imbalanced. I told her that’s not surprising as it has a plastic tube inserted into it to facilitate dialysis. I had never previously mentioned this to her. Paula is a simply amazing practitioner and I would highly recommend her services to anyone. Regards, P Rowe.” 

- P Rowe, Sunshine Coast, QLD

"I felt something big shift yesterday, and the anxiety from the job is not there today. It’s amazing. And I don’t feel any where as angry, it’s more of an acceptance. What a relief. If I was a zillionaire, I would hire you for 12 months and get you to emotion code EVERYONE in my life full time!!!!!!" 
- Jess J, Sunshine Coast, QLD 

"I believe that you are one of the MOST essential workers at this time with everyone freaking out and going crazy!" 
- Billie, NSW

"The 7 year cycles are so powerful. I too had significant happenings during the cycles and each felt powerful as entering them. I didn’t know you seven years ago, but I am damned happy I know the woman you are now....born of learning and running with that knowledge and honing it into the non judgemental beautiful soul you are today. Some people would be crushed, but you are flourishing and providing a gateway for souls to evolve on this planet. You help me see what’s going on underneath, and keep open the path to bring me back to my heart." 
- Tash F, Sunshine Coast, QLD

"Just so you know  - You really have helped me move past certain emotional blockages, more than anyone else really. You really have made such a difference in my life, it's incredible. There was a lot I was struggling to make sense of when I first saw you and the work we have done together has lifted so much of that baggage. I value that a lot." 
- Kate M, Brisbane, QLD

"Hi Paula, Thanks for your email. I'm feeling much more relaxed. I fell asleep for 4 hours straight after our session and have felt much more relaxed ever since. Thanks, Roz." 
- Roz, QLD

"Hi Paula, Hope lockdown is treating you well, its been a wonderful opportunity to consider self-care, the freedom to meditate longer etc. Everything is going okay, my colon imbalance disappeared within about 3 hours of our Skype session, it is always nice to see a quick response, confirmation that it is helping!" 
- Lisa F, QLD

"Thanks for your patience and help. I have been so much lighter and in positive mind space since our session despite all that is going on with the world. Mother Earth needs a small breather. Will recommend you as a channel for healing. Love and light be with you. All the best from Josi x" 

- Josi, VIC

"Hi Paula, Thanks for the wonderful healing session yesterday. I am feeling much more calm. My stomach and colon are much happier. You did an amazing job and covered and cleared a lot of things. Thanks." 

- Judy R, QLD

"Hi Paula, I am doing well thank you. I feel less overwhelmed since our session. No tears as well. I really enjoyed our session. I feel also a lot "lighter" too. You have a great gift Paula. So thank you once again. xx"

- Lisa M, Sunshine Coast, QLD

"Hello Paula, I just want to say thank you so much for what you have done for my mum. She is feeling so much better and you have really done her a world of good, she is singing your praises and the love is abundant in our household. Just wondering if I could please have a session when you're available. Let me know what you think, Kind regards, Emily :) "

- Emily B, VIC

"Hi Paula, hope you're well. It's Joanne here, wanting to ask if I can book another appointment with you. The results from the first appointment have been AMAZING, in particular my back. No pain. I get the occasional ache, but nothing compared to how it's been for years and years! I spent this weekend gone at the Seven Sisters Festival where I had a stall and spent 23 hours doing massages and facials, including set up and pack down of my marquee plus treatments - and my back only ached towards the end. Went to bed last night and woke up fine! Look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks xx." 

- Joanne C, Melbourne, VIC 

I have been trying to figure out how to write about the experiences with Paula - they have been both profound and practical. From the very first session I felt different - lighter and clearer - and that has continued with each session. I feel as if blocks and negative connections have been removed - and this has led not only to me feeling different, but people responding to me in a different way, and commenting on how "well" I seem, and that I look different. I've been able to communicate things to people that I have been stuck on and unable to for a long time. I've been able to resolve and let go of hurt and anger. I've had dramatic improvement in physical ailments - vertigo, restricted sacral movement, significant improvement in my osteoarthritis - overnight!!! My interest in and enthusiasm for certain things in my life has been re-ignited. I have begun to feel feelings again, when I had felt quite numb, and I have been able to be more vulnerable and honest with those I care about as my heart wall gets smaller. There are so many different ways in which I feel different, it's hard to capture... in one session, I had an amazing experience - I don't know how to explain it, but I had felt for a long time that I had somehow accidentally shifted off course in my life - during the session, it literally felt like my world axis righted itself again and I am back to where I want/need to be. I had been working on many of these issues for years and years with such slow improvement, and it has been surprising to feel so much change in a relatively short time. I wish I could do justice to how much I have received from these sessions, and what a gift they are. So much thanks and gratitude to Paula, who aside from being incredibly gifted, is also a warm, kind, compassionate and accepting person that makes you feel completely heard and understood. I highly recommend Paula, if you want to truly transform and let go of unneeded emotional baggage/blocks. I have no idea how it all happens, but it does, and I am very grateful. "
- Suzanne, Sydney, NSW

"I am just writing my core reflections for the last ten years. You have helped me grow and become so much more free than any way I could have imagined. Your work is incredible and, in three sessions, I have already seen so many changes. I can't wait to see how much more I can grow as we work together more. Have a great day, Sarah x"

- Sarah, QLD

"Thank you Paula, Grateful as always for your gifts and insights. Definitely feeling the shift and looking forward to processing all this. Love & Gratitude, Bruce."

- Bruce, Sunshine Coast, QLD  

"Thank you for your email and report Paula, it was lovely to meet you as well. You have a calmness and understanding of people and no judgements of all our "crap" that we store and bury and don't know how or where to start of what to do - it's way above our understanding of how it all works, but it's amazing how quickly you get to clear them, and boy did you cover a lot of emotions. Thank you so much for your time. Regards, Darryl & Ann."

- Darryl & Ann, Sunshine Coast, QLD 

"Paula I have to tell you, since my healing I feel settled, calm and thinking clearly again. As you said my Hypothalamus gland imbalance was affecting sleep and causing my ‘thirst’ to be out. They have settled as well and I am feeling thirsty again!! I forgot what that felt like. Thank you deeply xx" 
- Steph, Sunshine Coast, QLD

"Thank you so much Paula. Feeling so much better. Feel lighter and even danced around the house last night. Very cathartic. Believe I will keep healing over the next few days. So excited for the future. Cheers, Karen." 

- Karen, Cooroy, Sunshine Coast, QLD

"Paula is a genuine and beautiful soul who has helped me in ways that are difficult to express. I've struggled a lot with intense anxiety, over-analysing and a sort of disconnect from my intuition and inner guidance. Since first working together, I have felt far more grounded and much greater connection with my authentic self and intuition, which is a welcome change.

I feel lighter than I have in a long time and more capable of being present with my feelings, as well as being okay with them, no matter how uncomfortable they are. Friends comment, often, on my change in energy and how much happier I am. I don't need this external input, because I feel it within myself, but it is powerful that others have also noticed this shift. Do yourself a big favour and make an investment in sessions with Paula." 

"Hi Paula, Thanks for the message. I've been feeling a lot better. Still adjusting to the "real" me. It's all falling into place now. I'm able to get through my day more clearly and not struggling to manage all my issues as well as function. I think I was running on fumes by the time I first saw you. Its only going to get better. I can see the future being a lot brighter which I've never seen before. It's amazing how much all the rubbish I had taken on over my life had smothered me and locked me down. I can look back at bad times and not feel the pain they had created. They happened and are dealt with. I can't wait for our next session."

- Greg C, Sunshine Coast, QLD 

“There have been a few issues I've needed assistance with however the main one for this review is as follows:

Issue - trouble losing weight. Thoughts/Feelings and Discovery - Anxious/worried as being slim could attract unwanted attention from the opposite sex again.

Treatment/Clearing - Paula released a number of trapped emotions and imbalances, and also cleared and reset some beliefs to make them more helpful to me now as an adult.

Result/Outcome - Negative emotions have disappeared and I feel neutral in situations that in the past would have made me feel uncomfortable. I now feel positive and optimistic about my health journey and becoming slim again. Thank you so much Paula. Healing by Proxy / Remote Session”

- Teresa, Brisbane, QLD

"After only two sessions with Paula, I can highly recommend making a session to see her. I have been experiencing a dramatic shift in consciousness the last few months and have been waking up to suppressed and deep-rooted emotional memories that I have acquired throughout the course of my life. Paula has helped expedite this process and I’ll be working with her indefinitely.

One of my core beliefs is that we are born with our own, already intact soul and it’s what makes us unique that is what makes us all so special and inherently loveable. In spite of this, the majority of humans are “conditioned” away from this, in one way or another. I was born a total free spirit but, like the vast majority of people, was raised in a highly-rational family (and society in general). Basically, the more “free spirited”, intuitive, sensitive and feminine sides to myself were not nurtured and, frankly, totally discouraged. Because of this, I suppressed my authenticity and have “showed up” as a highly rational, logical person riddled with self-doubt, over-rationalising myself and somewhat disconnect to how I feel for at least ten years, despite being born with incredible intuitive capacity. It does make me so sad to look back, realise what poor treatment I have accepted from others and how this is saturated (over the years) such horrible self esteem and outright self loathing.

I am only just really beginning my journey but, working with Paula to remove these blockages on an energetic level (as well as talk therapy), I have noticed an incredible shift in aligning myself with how I actually feel and am developing a self-love that values those parts of myself that make me so unique. I know this is the first crucial step to welcoming incredible things into my life and feel less self-critical, more self-accepting, more calm, more intuitive and far less over-analytical or myself or anyone else. In short, energy medicine is FUCKING amazing and friends have also commented on how they have really noticed a difference too. During both sessions, I have felt a very noticeable “tingling” sensations in my muscles that really show that energetic release (for those that need “proof”). All in all, I would highly recommend being open to this energetic modality and the gentle but empowering work of Paula."

- Sarah M, Brisbane, QLD

"Hello Paula, Thank you for my recent session. I am so grateful for your caring, capable help. Initially I contacted you to work on clearing my heart wall to help me with furthering my studies. As an aside, I have put up with aching knees for years. Literally, the moment you began clearing the trapped emotions, the nonstop pain I have experienced simply disappeared. This in itself is remarkable. I can’t wait to experience the results of having my heart wall cleared.

Thank you and let the work continue!"

- Anne B, QLD

"Hi Paula, Thank you for the session! me and mum couldn't believe how good your work is :) "

- Izzy, Buderim, QLD

“I feel fucking completely AMAZING! You are an angel. Thank you so much xx.”

- Jane A, Brisbane, QLD

"It was fantastic to see you again, Paula. I had some very special energetic experiences due to your work. Look forward to seeing you soon!"

- Clare H, Sunshine Coast, QLD 

“Hey Legend, thanks for the message. I’m feeling really awesome thanks (mentally & spiritually)! No nightmares either. I feel bloody amazing. Thank you.”

- Hannah J, QLD

"Good morning Paula, thank you very much for yesterday. I feel a shift is occurring as I feel more positive and grounded this morning, more in my own skin. I'm quite keen for our next session as this feels like a 'look in', an opening towards the real me that has been trying so hard to resurface for years. Have an amazing day!"

- MS, Sydney, NSW

"Hi Paula, just wanted to say thanks for last night's session. I was feeling incredibly low, and after our session I felt renewed and lifted. The change was crazy! Still feeling great. Thank you."

- MC, Perth, WA

"Hi Paula, I hope you are well. Our session was so powerful. It broke the anxiety spiral I was experiencing. Also certain 'people' seem different. I had a staff meeting today and it was hugely noticeable how the dynamic has changed with myself and that colleague! He no long has any 'power'. I also interacted with the ex last week and there was a peace that I haven't felt for a long time in this presence. So helpful. You're a magical lady. Thank you. See you next month!"

- Katie J, Noosa, QLD

"I worked with Paula via Skype to remove my heart wall over several sessions and I’m so glad that I did. From the very first session I just knew that I’d be in safe hands and this continued throughout the process, during which I was more than comfortable talking through everything that came up as a result of releasing trapped emotions. I can’t recommend Paula enough. She was kind, relaxed and easy to talk to and created a “judgement free zone” allowing me to be vulnerable and open. While removing my heart wall has been a relatively recent development I just know it’s going to be life-changing. Thank you for everything Paula, it really has been a joy!"

- Tracy A, Sydney, NSW 

"Good morning Paula, thank you so much for our session yesterday. Feeling super today. I'm really happy with the work we've done so far. Can't wait till next week. Thank you again, see you next week. Cristian"

- Cristian, Sunshine Coast, QLD

"Wow wow wow wow WOW! Thank you so much Paula! It was so lovely to meet you today, thank you for creating such a beautiful space. Such an interesting session I'm amazed and very grateful to you, thank you with all my heart...getting rid and letting go of all this junk will be so freeing! I forgot to re-book...when is your next available appointment? I'm super keen to get healing and to go forward....With love and gratitude, Stevee"

- Stevee L, Pomona, QLD

"Hi Paula, I have been meaning to message you but Taylor [3 yrs old] just said something that reminded me I had not done it yet.

So on Good Friday which was about 12 days since his session with you Taylor bravely used the toilet and hasn’t looked back. He said to me on Tuesday this week that he actually likes the toilet - amazing! Apart from one accident he has sailed through without skipping a beat. Today also marks a full week of me dropping him off at childcare with him not screaming, but just waving - this is a big one!!!

Absolutely credit the changes in him to his session and can’t thank you enough for his session.

I have also noticed a change in my husband - subtle but definite. The knock on healing works!

Lastly, I believe the recent shield you placed on me has reinforced everything I have been working towards and has made a significant difference to me - thank you - this was an amazing bonus to receive!!

Cannot wait for our next session to spend the same healing energy and time on my eldest son Leroy."

- Michelle Brown, Sunshine Coast, QLD

"Hi Paula, Appreciate you following up with me after our session. It’s such a weird feeling to describe how I felt after the session; it’s like this mixture of peace and freedom and like everything was going to be ok. So to answer your question, I’ve been really good, relaxed at work etc. Thank you again. Can’t wait to see how I feel when more of my trapped emotions and imbalances are released etc."

- Tracy A, QLD

"Hi Paula, I feel like a new person, and like myself again. I just love the energy shift from within and how I’m able to easily give again so much. Most of all I love how the walls are finally down between my partner and I. Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing you again as always." 

- Janice, Sunshine Coast, QLD

"Thank you Paula. I had an amazing session with you releasing trapped emotions from a past life and many repressed emotions that I’ve carried forward in this lifetime too. I was holding onto anger from a past relationship and you helped me clear the emotions I was still carrying and surprisingly after 20 years I ran into this person four days after my session and I felt very neutral with no emotions towards this person which was confirmation for me that I cleared what I needed to in my session and that part of my life was finally healed. Thank you so much!"

- Sofie, QLD

“I have consulted literally hundreds of alternative health practitioners over the last 40 years and have achieved many outstanding results and improvements personally and have recommended many to my family members also. My work is teaching, for the last 30 yrs, a unique personal development 4 day seminar that teaches how to access and use the creative Alpha Brainwave state and have over 30,000 students in 10 countries.

My wife Clare, my 2 sons and close friends and I have all derived great benefit from Paula’s consultations and I cannot recommend her work more highly. My youngest son Steve has had many emotional issues that have held him back. After his last session with Paula, he was SO IMPRESSED and grateful and declared he could not remember when he had felt so happy! Indeed, all who have been to Paula in our extended family have been so impressed with her kindness, her caring nature, skill and expertise and most importantly her obvious love for others, that I find so wonderful!

Thank you Paula for making such a powerful & uplifting contribution to our lives and for helping to make the ‘world a better place’!"

- Peter Heibloem, Sunshine Coast QLD

"Paula Mack is an amazing Emotion Code and Body Code practitioner - my number one go to, to release past traumas & overcome blocks. For 20 years I have seen psychologist counsellors and spiritual healers to overcome a time in my life which left me with PTSD, my body was always in fight & flight, my adrenals were exhausted, creating health issues & I had built up a wall around my heart not wanting to get hurt, suffering regular heart palpitations. I was so amazed & happy after my first session - all emotions fell away connected to the past trauma, my body felt relaxed & happy, truly happy no longer stressing or worrying & knowing that it was now ok to be happy. I was so exhilarated that I booked in for a 2nd session. 2nd session & we continued working on my heart wall, releasing it to allow others to come close, the effects were interesting like connecting the dots of past issues & the first time I put up a wall. This changed how I started to connect with people, like becoming the observer, more insightful, letting things go, becoming aware of other blocks I had created in my life & why, many vivid dreams. I then made a third session, as healing is a process like an onion removing the layers - gosh it’s taken me 50 years to build them up. I am so impressed with Paula’s professionalism, empathy & how quickly she gets to the underlying causes of the blocks. My third session was nothing short of a miracle - I feel so much lighter & enlightened. Thank you again Paula for a wonderful session. I am feeling blessed.”

- Lynne Huriya, Gold Coast, QLD

“Thanks for the session the other day. I feel the best I think I’ve ever felt and I’m really looking forward to our next appt. I think I could get seriously hooked! Thanks again. Talk soon.”

- JB, Northern QLD

“Dearest Paula, Had a wonderful day processing our fabulous session, and just loving getting down into the nitty gritty and mopping up trapped emotions. I spent the afternoon with my youngest daughter, the one who had been overseas. It was her 23rd birthday, and we spent her first birthday together in 10 years. It was just such a special day, so important for both of us to build some happy memories and deepen our relationship. Your work with me has contributed to us experiencing a relationship again. I am so very grateful. I also received a text from a man offering his contact details which was really sweet...the first time a man has shown obvious interest since my ex. What you offer to the world is invaluable. I am so relieved to know my thinking is altering, and the unconscious patterns are being cleared, and new, healthier pathways are being created. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.”

– NF, Sunshine Coast, QLD 

Thank you Paula. I can already see that Harry [3 years old] is more happy and content, his emotions don't flare up so easily and they settle down faster! It's amazing, thank you so much. I feel that the kids need my attention right now, meaning I want to get the remote [distance] sessions for the rest three as well :) Looking forward to your reply and thank you again for all your work (healings). Lots of love, Alicja.” 

– Alicja, Alice Springs, NT

“I’m amazed by how well this process works. I had trouble believing that it could work from a distance but I can see the changes happening in my life. I have been going through a difficult time with serious health problems and the work that I have been doing with Paula has been very helpful on a physical and emotional level. If you’re struggling and weighed down by the difficulties that life throws up I would highly recommend some sessions with Paula and the Emotion Code / Body Code.”

– Rob Ogilvy, Brisbane, QLD

“I came across the Emotion Code book in 2013, promptly went out and bought a magnet and started to release trapped emotions myself. After a while the book was discarded and I got distracted until earlier this year 2018 when life circumstances gave me another opportunity to ease emotional upset and pain. I picked up the book again, this time after watching many YouTubes of Dr Bradley Nelson, I decided I wanted to fast track the experience with a therapist who knew what they were doing… enter Paula - she lives locally. I was yet to discover that phone consultations are just as powerful as in person, probably more so because I can relax and focus in my own home without the busyness of having to get to an appointment. Working with Paula is so much more effective than releasing emotions myself. We work efficiently together and Paula uncovers the trapped emotion and other imbalances quickly. It has been fascinating watching my subconscious bring memories to the surface to release. Afterwards on reflection on the incident that resulted in the trapped emotion or other imbalance in the first place, there is no emotional charge, only a neutral observation. What I appreciate about Paula is her groundedness and thoroughness in exploring where the sub conscious wants to go in releasing trapped emotions. I was so happy the day my second (hidden) heart wall was removed! My relationships with family members have improved and I feel hopeful about the future instead of fearful. I have a deeper understanding of why I chose the romantic partners I have, based on my vibration and previous trapped emotions that have held me captive and defensive. Now other teachings make more sense and I have more clarity about the law of attraction and my role in it. This excites me. I have more compassion for others, knowing how crippling it is to live with trapped emotions running us without awareness.

I have done many healing modalities in the last 15 years, from extensive yoga and meditation practices, Landmark education, Path of Love, spiritual healing, sweat lodges, travelled to meet with gurus, and kinesiology. Kinesiology (muscle testing) has been one of my favourites. Through kinesiology the information comes from me, not another person imposing their beliefs or visions upon me, and that’s why it feels so powerful. It’s fast, effective and I feel happier and lighter. Paula is a fabulous therapist and I’m so grateful I found her. She also incorporates Theta Healing into her sessions, to reprogram the mind with a new way of being, not one based on past experiences and survival, giving hope and freshness.”

– Natarsha, Cooran, QLD


“­­This is a great and useful summary of our session, thank you so much! The next session I want to release more emotions trapped in me. I'm determined to reclaim my life and get on the right path. I've spent too many years depressed, unhealthy and lost. I know the emotion and body code are the answer. Thanks again for being part of this journey with me Paula. You do such great work. May God grant you many years to continue helping people. Love MC”

– MC, Sydney, NSW

"Dear Paula, I am so glad that I found you (through the Healers Library website) and that you are here with us on this beautiful planet;) Since our sessions a lot of things changed in my life. I am very thankful for your great support, your always kind words, attitude and patience. You guided me through a very hard time when my mum spent around 9 weeks in the hospital. Even the sessions you did on my mum, when she was not conscious, helped her so much. She got much better within days and got rid of the several infections in her body. She has changed so much since then and her negative attitude has changed into a much more positive one. During that time also my brother started to support us, even though he had refused to be a legal guardian at the beginning. But after one session with you, he said "Yes" within one day!!! This was really wonderful and a big relief in that situation! Now our relationship is much easier than before.

Also, my own chronic health issues got much better. I am able to drive the car for a longer time and I have much more energy to do my housework and go to university. During our sessions I always felt supported and understood. You have done every session in a perfect and effective way for me and you always made sure that the bunch of my issues are cleared very quickly. I am always looking forward to a have another session with you and highly recommend you to anybody who needs a true and loving healer."

- Carol, Salzburg, Austria

"I had the most amazing Body Code session with Paula recently - I had been feeling a bit flat and lost and unsure where I was going within my business and personal life. We had a session, she cleared soooo much stuff - I am always amazed how well this modality works and you literally feel 10 tonnes lighter after a session. Within 2 days I had sold $2,000 worth of courses...incredible stuff!" 
- Amelia, Sydney, NSW

"Hi Paula, thank you for the great Body Code session last week! It must be illegal to feel this good naturally! Lol. Cheers, Trish."

- Trish E, Sunshine Coast, QLD

"It was so lovely to spend time with you yesterday, my mind, body, soul really feels cleansed and I am in a really good place now."

- Christine, Sunshine Coast, QLD

"I've had the honor and privilege of connecting with Paula and going deep into Abundance Sessions with her. I can't even begin to describe the magic that's emerged since beginning sessions with her.. there's too much to capture succinctly! But I can share that each session has been highly resonant and the flow of how we surf the Emotion Code and Body Code materials feels really good and inspiring.

She is deeply in tune and in rhythm in a way that translates not only into the highest benefit from sessions, but that really allows me to receive all that's coming through the experience - powerfully cleansing all that needs to be moved through.
There is an attentiveness, a potency, joy, authenticity, presence, great love, care, peace, and a highly attuned way of being that Paula embodies, which truly makes the sessions extremely fun, enjoyable, and magical!
I'm so glad I found her! My life and path are forever blessed by saying YES to sessions with Paula!"
- Substance Lagarde, Los Angeles, California, USA

"I've had Paula's sessions twice, first one face to face, second one over the phone. I think either work just perfect. It's just amazing the lift/pull/lightness you feel when she releases all the emotions and rebalances the imbalanced. I just think Paula and the Body Code are amazing! Paula is such a genuine, beautiful and calming person, I couldn't think of anyone better to do these sessions. And the best part is that sometimes your family/friends receive a mini healing if you have inherited or absorbed emotions from them - because when she releases them from you, they get released from them as well! Definitely will be doing more sessions and I can't thank her enough for the help!"

- Mattia Lilley, Sunshine Coast, QLD

"Hi Paula, Just wanted to say thanks so much for our session. After a week at work I must say I've felt a shift... things aren't bothering me as much as they were and I haven't felt anxious in the slightest. I find it so interesting how different I feel! Thanks again, Jacqui.

- Jacqui C, Sydney, NSW

"Hi Paula, Gosh I can't believe it - the leg thing I had for a whole year and nothing and nobody could fix, has not come back at all since our last Body Code session. I was in daily pain with it before that. Amazing! Thank you so much."

- Rachel, Brisbane, QLD

"Dear Paula, I can't thank you enough for helping to heal our broken hearts. Miracle is a word that comes to mind when I consider the chain of events that took place after only 2 sessions with you.

After 5 months of no contact with my 15 year old daughter, within 7 days of our first Body Code session where you replaced our unhealthy heart to heart energy cord with a new healthy one, and cleared trapped emotions, I discovered at my front door a bunch of flowers from my daughter with a card saying 'Thinking of you' and 'I miss you'. I honestly thought that I would be waiting years to hear from her again. The day after our second session where we released trapped emotions, unhealthy cords, saboteur energies and an emotional resonance of anger, all surrounding my ex husband, he called and we had our first civilised phone call in months.

I have just spent last weekend with my daughter really connecting and I'm happy to say that in December she will come back to live with me. She is really looking forward to her next session with you and sent me this message: 'It was really good to see you and I learned so much! Thank you so much for my session with Paula, I feel a LOT better. Can't wait to see you again. Love you.'

Thank you Thank you!!"

- Elizabeth, Sydney, NSW

"I am so grateful for the wonderful Body Code session with you. I can really feel a big difference in my outlook and confidence. We really covered a lot in that session. Sorry I was such a mess that day – there was a lot going on for me in my personal life, but everything worked out beautifully. Thank you for being such a calm and steadying influence for me that day. I Look forward to working with you again soon. I Think I am making some real progress finally. The other funny thing that happened, you know how we were clearing some issues about being likeable, literally that night about 5 friends contacted me and asked if I wanted to meet for coffee... it was hilarious. Wonderful to have connected with you! Many blessings."

- Hope, Sunshine Coast, QLD

"I just wanted to say thank you again Paula. Mum and I have had a bit of an explosive 24 hours with a few phone calls of crying and each saying how we felt, but I really feel a difference in our relationship since my Body Code session with you. I feel like we've met in the middle. You have helped me (and her) to release decades of tension. I hope this is the next step in our relationship. Thank you again."

- Mrs O, Sunshine Coast, QLD

"I contacted Paula for some help with the Emotion Code and clearing my Heartwall. I had stumbled across the Emotion Code and was excited by the opportunity it offered. Prior to becoming certified myself I wanted to see how it worked. I was beyond pleasantly surprised with Paula. After just 6 sessions my heartwall was removed, the biggest person I was seeking love from was myself, which will now open a whole new world of opportunity for me. The sessions were over the phone and the mutual sensations both Paula and I experienced as emotions were cleared was amazing. I had recently been broken hearted and was in a state of depression and considering suicide - this truly was what got me through. Thank you Paula."

- Tamara, Bendigo, VIC

"Paula, I can't thank you enough for today. My mind feels cleared and strangely enough when I think of the past now and what's happened, I don't feel the same as I did. We definitely released a lot of frustration and anger I had. It's only the beginning and I'm looking forward to peeling a few more layers away with you. Thanks again."

- Amanda, Noosa, Sunshine Coast, QLD

"Thank you Paula - you're magic! Feeling lighter already :) Thanks again for your wisdom and guidance."

- Patti, Fraser Coast, QLD

"I began working with Paula based on the recommendation from two people who, like me, have achieved incredible incredible results from weekly Body Code sessions with Paula. I have always been pro-active in working through quite severe childhood trauma but with Paula I was able to clear away more in one session than I could in a whole year of working on myself. I am not exaggerating, she is that good. Paula is compassionate, kind, open-minded and non-judgemental. You could not have a better ally on your support team."

- Michelle, Perth, WA 

"The Body Code sessions with Paula have completely changed my life.

I am a scientist. I like to keep an open mind because I know there a lot science is yet to understand... but I honestly had zero expectations when I started working with Paula! I just thought - 'You can’t fairly dismiss something if you have never tried'. Now I am completely blown away! The results of my first session had me fascinated and excited and after about three or four months my life has completely turned around!! I am so passionate about Paula’s work. If you can do JUST ONE THING TO HELP YOURSELF – THIS IS IT!" 

For me I was working with Paula for my physical health. I had very serious debilitating health issues although I am only in my late 20's. These had been ongoing for nearly 10 years and despite huge effort, initiative and hard work, I was getting nowhere. Everything I did was a huge struggle and every attempt to seek help was like hitting a brick wall at every turn. Within a few months of working with Paula my health (and life) has started to completely turn around. I am transitioning from being very disabled as a result of poor health, unable to work or participate much in life; to now being able to walk again and do more things, and I am on track to regaining full health!!!

The benefits are multifaceted:

  • Personally/emotionally I have been able to overcome emotional barriers to improving my health - making taking care of myself and being kind to myself feel so much easier and not such a struggle. I can see now that if I had not dealt with these issues such as a tendency to push myself/overwork ['addictive heart energy'] and not valuing myself enough to invest in the things I need to do for me without guilt, then health issues would reoccur even if I were to get better currently.
  • It has been uncanny how specific Paula has been in detecting what is going on in my body. Just a small example, one time it made me laugh so hard as she told me that a specific individual tooth was unhappy without even knowing the day before I had gone to the dentist to get a crown on that exact tooth and it was very inflamed and painful! Time and time again I had moments like this in our sessions, often on bigger more significant issues.
  • I have now easily found the doctors I need to help me in regaining my health. After almost a decade, and more doctors and specialists than I can count and no wins, in this short period of time since working with Paula I have suddenly met all the right people I need to support me in my health and medical issues, easily and without struggle.
  • So many other good things have also all suddenly started to occur in ALL AREAS OF MY LIFE!!! (Even winning a bunch of competitions in a short period of time!!!) I feel that the sessions with Paula removes emotional barriers. Often these barriers can affect multiple areas of your life, so you might do the sessions with Paula to overcome a health problem for example, but see your self-esteem, relationships, finances and career improve as well!!!

ON DEALING WITH DIFFICULT ISSUES: Paula has helped me to release deeply traumatic experiences that I did not even realise were having such an effect on my body until they were released. She was able to pinpoint the exact age and feelings related to these experiences with incredible accuracy it was mind blowing, things that Paula or anyone else would have no way of knowing! I did not have to talk about these things, so it was not emotionally stressful or difficult, and within minutes I felt a huge sense of relief which improved over the following days. 

The Body Code is fantastic because even if you are not good at talking about your feelings, or find it hard to open up to deal with things that are bothering you, or even if you simply don’t even know where to start, it does not matter because you don’t have to talk about it! Paula with her muscle testing will guide you to where you need to go, so you can be as specific or generalised as you want to be. I also found it very helpful to me as even when I felt really unwell and fatigued it was not difficult to have a session as all I had to do was pick up the phone, answer some simple questions and listen - there is nothing you have TO DO.

PAULA AS A PRACTITIONER: Paula is also very kind, respectful, intuitive and sensitive to your feelings. She will never push you or take you to places you don’t want to go. She always invites you to make up your own mind about the information and experience and decide for yourself what is best for you. You can ask as many questions as you need to. I have really grown to trust and respect Paula. My best friend (who I recommended have sessions with Paula) says she feels the same.

- Chelsea, Western Australia

"Dear Paula, I really appreciate your compassion and gift to enlighten individuals through creating awareness of their authentic loving form. You're an Earth angel! Thank you! Have a good evening, & chat again soon. Warm regards, Melissa"

- Melissa, Perth, WA

"Difficult to find words for the excellent experience I had today with Paula. I am working on my food allergies and the answers were very clear."

- Nadine, Sunshine Coast, QLD

"WOW sums up how I felt after a Body Code session with Paula. Today is a new day in more ways than one. I have MS, but I now finally accept it and it will no longer control me. I feel free from my past baggage. Give Paula a ring - she is so worth talking to. Go on pick up the phone."

- Dianne, England, UK

"It's amazing what one has to go through to find the answer to a problem. In May this year 2016 I was struck down with Pneumonia and ended up in the Sunshine Coast University Hospital in their public ward but firstly in ICU because there wasn't a room available. While there I met a nurse who cared for me like an angel. I was completely trusting of her. For the short time we were together, we talked about our lives and had an instant connection. I told her I had and was still having a difficult time getting over a past relationship and she suggested her friend Paula who may be able to help me to get rid of some of my constant regurgitations of that dreadful time of my life." 

I first visited Paula at her home in Pomona and I instantly felt like I knew her, coupled with the fact she was a fellow Kiwi was a bonus.

As we proceeded through the first session, I felt a sense of relief and she released emotions and other imbalances from that difficult time and it was obvious that this period of my life back then was having a profound effect still on me. Whilst I had thought I had accepted my losses and moved on, I had on a conscious level, but the feelings were still raging full force on a sub-conscious level.

I left feeling a sense of success which was solidified when, for the first time in many years, I slept through the night and didn't have the hours of brain chatter going over all the horrible, sad, miserable times that I recalled by thinking about them, I would get rid of. Each session with Paula seemed to create a lightness but also I did have times, usually within the first few days after a session, where I would become very sad and down, teary. I realised that as this was a constant after each session and I usually felt so much better again within a few days, it was a residual effect, like a grieving for emotions lost - after all, I had lived with them for so long.

I have had several sessions with Paula, even by phone, and the effect is no less profound. Relief, renewed hope, a sense of cleanliness of all that creates darkness in one’s life are some of the feelings I have since working with Paula. 

I now fall asleep quite quickly, rarely think before I fall asleep, and no longer regurgitate the time of that terrible relationship which cost me so much. I look at the gift that it gave me, an awareness of how everything affects our life and how important it is to know where to look when you need help, and how it will find you if you are looking.

I will continue with Paula indefinitely because life changes all the time and we constantly are bombarded with challenges. I highly recommend her Body Code therapy for anyone who feels they are not getting anywhere in life and who are constantly thinking of "what if"."​

- Heather K, Sunshine Coast, QLD

"I have had several Body Code sessions with Paula and I must say, it has had a positive impact of clearing instantly my past present & future blocks. I highly recommend her, because now I am free to live my life without anything holding me back."

- Dianne, Gold Coast, QLD

"The Emotion Code was mentioned to me by a couple of people in a short period of time, so I followed the signs that I needed to explore this modality, quickly found Paula Mack in my area and booked a session. WOW!! The day after the first session, I received a call from a company I LOVE about a job interview! The day after my second session, I got the job and started with them that week!! I have noticed significant shifts in my mindset towards myself and life in general. I am definitely more optimistic and feel myself rising from the depths of anxiety and other issues I've been struggling with for a few years. Paula is amazing, making you feel safe and secure and I look forward to working with her further to shift and release more stuck emotions as they arise."

- Jenna, Sunshine Coast, QLD

"To date I have had six Body Code sessions with Paula via Skype. 2.5 years ago I was diagnosed with PND and PTSD following the unexpected home birth of our second daughter. I’ve received first-rate support and guidance from my GP, but was still suffering from severe anxiety and a fear of harm coming to my new beautiful daughter. Throughout my sessions with Paula I have felt a range of emotions; from feeling mentally drained, foggy and reflective to feeling lighter, calmer, settled, more even, clearer in the head and warmer in the heart. Paula - I can’t thank you enough for the freedom you have given me from my anxiousness. I feel I am a better person for our sessions and certainly a better Mum and wife too. Thank you for what you have done for me." 

- Gillian, Southland, NZ

(Before session: "Callum [3yrs old] is really unwell and the dr just keeps saying get the antibiotics into him. I'm wondering if you could do some Body Code on him today to see if it can shift things? He has Giardia in the gut again (this is the third time), and school sores and he is just so unwell - his immune system just can't get on top of things.") Following morning after Body Code session: "Wow, Callum just slept for 12hrs straight, not a peep - first night since last Saturday and when he got up his first words were, 'I'm hungry mummy, berry berry hungry.' You're marvellous and what you do is truly amazing. Thank you so much for helping me out. He is well on the mend now and I feel relieved as he has been very ill. Thank you."​
- Naomi, Sunshine Coast, QLD

"Paula, I just wanted to let you know I had the best sleep I have had in a long time. I did not wake at all and this morning I have had so much energy and feel really good, so you working on my spleen with the Body Code last night has made such a big difference. I cannot thank you enough."

- Gail, Melbourne, VIC

"We have such Gratitude to Paula for working her magic on our son who had decided 3 weeks from completing his QCE he would just quit school. After an amazing healing from Paula my son has had a complete transformation ... Today he completed his QCE. Thank you so very much ... everybody has seen a complete transformation in him .... including himself & he has even recommended others receive a healing from Paula."

- Mandi, Sunshine Coast, QLD

"I have been struggling with life the last month with depression and anxiety. Paula did a Body Code session on me and has helped me so much. I finally was able to clean my house properly after not being able to do it. I feel better within myself. Paula has been doing work with my youngest daughter as well. She has had 3 sessions and the last session has made the most difference. My daughter actually cleaned her room and slept back in her bedroom after 4 weeks of being in my room. I gave her a timeframe to have it done and she actually did it without fighting me. If anyone needs help to heal their past hurts, Paula is lovely and I would recommend you speak to her if you need a healing. Thank you so much for what you have done for myself and my kids. You are really amazing."

- Shaz, Sunshine Coast, QLD

"I have a very special Weimaraner dog named Jasmine. She has always had an issue with stress and cannot handle any pressure without shutting down or going into defence mode. We have had Jasmine since she was a puppy and have never treated her badly, so it was always hard to understand this behaviour. Jasmine was never been easy to walk or take in the car and since we have small children it was not safe to try. Then we met Paula. She did one session with Jasmine. I was amazed at the connection that Paula had with Jasmine (Jasmine normally takes a while to warm to strangers). Most of the issues stemmed from her parents which explained the weird behaviour. Since Paula did the session with Jasmine she comes in the car with us, she walks happily off the leash at the park and I can even cut her nails now! Thank you SO much Paula - we are so grateful for the changes you have effected in Jasmine."

- Tanya, Sunshine Coast, QLD

“Paula has completed several Emotion Code sessions on me and it has been an amazing experience. The most amazing session that Paula did for me was just after I had surgery and I had been off work for several weeks. As time came closer to going back to work, my fear and anxiety increased to a point where I just didn’t want to go back, which I didn’t understand because I love my job. After Paula did the Emotion Code session on me, the fears and anxiety decreased by 90% the next day. I was so blown away by the instant result. Thank you Paula, this technique is amazing.”

- ST, Sunshine Coast, QLD

“Thank you for emotion releasing! I feel like I felt a shift happening! I just feel so relaxed about our future these days.”

- Rachel, Queenstown, NZ

“Its been an interesting week. Something has shifted significantly in how i relate to the world... which i find fascinating. I was able to have lunch with my parents without any issue, in fact it was downright pleasant. I seem to be more in the flow...synchronicity and luck seem to be the feature of the week... along with some unexpected and MOST welcome money. I move into my little cottage next weekend which puts an end to living out of my car and house sitting for the past year ... oh... and it looks like some of my writing is going to make it into the printed version of a recently launched book that has made it to the top of the New York Times best sellers list...!!! Still waiting to here back on that one... but the invitation was freaking awesome! So, in answer to your question, things are going along beautifully.”

- Kristin, Sunshine Coast, QLD

“I felt a real softness inside of me during the session and now feel very relaxed.”

- Rosemary, Melbourne, VIC

"I found the session very interesting and accurate. Since the session I have found that my mother and I have a much more open relationship and the communication has improved immensely."

- Jessie, Sunshine Coast, QLD

"I was a non-believer of this stuff before this session, but I actually think it works! I am feeling so much more in control with my emotions, especially when the kids are involved."

- Claire G, Christchurch, NZ

"I am feeling better about the world now, and about myself."

- Renee, Sunshine Coast, QLD

“My headache disappeared after the session. A few days after the session I experienced a beautiful sensation/visualisation of myself as a little child skipping along and being so happy and overjoyed. It was a lovely feeling and one I had not had for a very long time. It felt like my inner child was healed.”

- Sabine, Sunshine Coast, QLD

“My sciatica feels a lot better and how interesting it was to pin point it to a specific emotion and event in my life, and this was when I first began experiencing the sciatica! I feel a lot more grounded after the session and feel a sense of inner peace. I can definitely feel that things have been lifted from me.”

- Anna, Auckland, New Zealand

“Hi, my name is Shaz and I was going through a lot of stuff to do with my health. I was struggling with everyday life. Paula told me about an Emotion Releasing Technique called the Emotion Code that she has been working with and asked if I would like to try it. I had nothing to lose. After the first session I felt a shift in how I was feeling. It removed the old feeling and I started to feel better. I had another session and that helped to remove some more old patterning that I had been holding on to. I also had my youngest (who is 11 yrs) have a session with Paula due to trauma she had been through as a baby. It helped her to be calmer, she has made new friends and it’s given her a new outlook on life. I would recommend Paula if you are ready to move forward in your life. Thank you Paula for what you have done for Both Tara and I.”

- Shaz, Sunshine Coast, QLD

"I am feeling free since our session two days ago. Bad days are nothing to compare. Have been very sleepy so resting. Had an awful encounter with someone the other morning and I just walked away. I was emotional but so controlled. I just breathed deep and acknowledged myself as the good person I am. I hugged myself. Thank you. Nothing seems deep. Just lighter."

- Nadia, Sunshine Coast, QLD

"I really don't know what to say. That was incredible. I feel so different. In a good way. That was amazing."

- Bridget, Sunshine Coast, QLD

"I can definitely feel the effects of our sessions!! Can't thank you enough for doing this work."

- Luisa, Melbourne, VIC

"The session was amazing. I have tried many ways to fix how I was feeling and nothing seemed to work till now. I could feel each emotion being removed from me. When Paula did the prayer at the beginning of the session I felt as if someone had their hands on my head and was blessing me. I was sitting outside during the session and each time an emotion was released a big gust of wind would come out of nowhere. It was quite an experience. I finally feel like I am back to my normal self again. Thank you so much.”

- SR, Sunshine Coast, QLD

"I really enjoyed the sessions we had. I could feel the emotional blocks being removed in real time, and so I felt the benefits straight away. The days that followed the sessions I remember being really uplifted and feeling positive and happy. The feeling I got with you during the sessions is just how good you are at this process.  It was very easy and unstressful the whole time. Maybe too easy because I didn't have to do much, you had done all the hard work!! Thanks for all the healings, I really appreciate it!!"

- Mario, QLD

"Something has definitely shifted. Whenever I am tempted by any self harm (over eating) I just tell myself that I am a tiny person and don't need any padding any more. Still get some fear being exposed, but that will change with practice. Thank you so much Paula for helping me.”

- Charmaine, Sunshine Coast, QLD