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Abundance Breakthrough Healing Sessions

  • Do you have "blocks" preventing your financial success?
  • Have you struggled to make more, only to come up empty handed?
  • Does money seem to leave as fast as it comes in, no matter how much you make?
  • Have you hit a financial ceiling, despite working hard for years on end?

There’s a simple explanation for this. Subconscious blocks, Trapped Emotions, and limiting patterns can keep you locked out of financial success, no matter how hard you work and no matter how many opportunities you pursue. If you feel something stopping you from creating more, achieving more, and earning more, there’s a way to break through those blockages – for good.

Our natural state is one of abundance and our Higher Selves are in alignment with that state. However, as imbalances accumulate during the course of life, we can come into conflict with a state of abundance and have trouble creating it.

The imbalances that are limiting you from creating wealth and abundance can be identified and corrected using The Body Code Healing System and simple muscle testing.

One by one, we'll blast away old limitations, and open the door to a more wealthy, happy and abundant life.

These hour long comprehensive Abundance Breakthrough Healing Sessions with Paula Mack, a Certified Body Code Practitioner, are designed to target and eliminate your blocks to wealth and success that prevent you from living a life of financial abundance. Pull your old ideas and beliefs out by the roots and pave your path to the successful life you have always wanted!

Conscious focus can only get us

so far as it is only a tiny fraction

of our intelligence.

If you want to attract abundance with consciousness, but your

sub-conscious is not okay with it,

it makes it almost impossible to achieve.

Being blocked from abundance is just a symptom of imbalance. The Body Code assists to correct internal programming.