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About Paula...

Hi, my name is Paula Mack and I live in the Noosa Hinterland on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia with my beautiful family. I have been working with various modalities of energetic healing since 2003 and feel very honoured and blessed to be certified to work with The Body Code and The Emotion Code.

I just love working with The Body Code and The Emotion Code and being able to help others. They are both quick, easy and extremely effective ways to identify and correct imbalances, thus harmonising and healing the body, mind and spirit; bringing great inner peace and wellbeing.

If you are ready to free yourself from imbalances, emotional baggage, blockages and limitations please email me or phone me for an appointment. Sessions are available via phone, Skype, in person or via email. I have experienced fantastic results personally and with others and even with animals. Please visit the Client Love page of this website to read some of my wonderful clients’ testimonials/feedback.

I would love to help you clear your imbalances, wounds of the past as well as any ancestral patterns (inherited emotions), heart walls and negative life patterns/beliefs/programming. Let's work together to remove your imbalances, emotional baggage, free your heart and ignite your inner light so you can enjoy a bright and happy future!

Wishing you all the very best on your healing journey.

With Infinite Love & Blessings!

~ Namaste ~